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Offshore Sportfishing Boats: 25-35 Feet
From the keel up, we designed the Carolina Classic for offshore fishing. And we tested them in some of the roughest seas on the planet: the waters of the coast of Cape Hatteras, breeding ground for Europe's worst weather. True to their heritage, Carolina Classic boats have unrivaled standards for reliability, durability, value and enjoyment. Even in dicey conditions.

Each Classic is built around a flush cockpit big enough to work several lines. No stumbling on engine boxes. Or tripping on cleats or rod holders. They hold an even keel, even with two guys leaning over the gunwale hauling up a marlin. Speaking of which, the gunwales are wide enough to easily get around the boat, since game fish don't always go straight to stern. But the most recognized - and appreciated - feature is that big wide bow that slices the seas and keeps you dry.

Wide Open Running.

She's rugged, but responsive. Quick and efficient. The definition of offshore tough. She got oversized, well-balanced fuel tanks to give you the range to get to big water and back. The hull, liners and decks are precision fitted, then completely bonded together to create a unibody. Which means no creaks or groans in heavy seas.

We made the engine compartment large enough to accommodate big block power packages. Then we put in oversized air intakes high above the shear, so the engines breathe the clean, dry air they need for optimum performance.

Less Trouble. More Fishing.

The less time taking care of the boat means more time fishing. So we made sure she's easy to maintain. Everything's water tight, so hosing her down generally does the job. The decks have molded-in diamond non-skid surfaces that resist ground in dirt, in addition to being sure-footed. The fuel tanks are positioned aft of the engine compartment to eliminate fumes in the cabin. A unique bilge system keeps the engine compartment powder dry, so the important mechanical and hydraulic systems stay clean and free of salt. Even the cabin walls are gelcoat finished so they can be easily cleaned and kept free of mildew. All common sense features, stoked up with luxurious amenities, that come from knowing what offshore fishing really is.

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